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Cookies Cream, Crackers, Cookies Events & Cookies Show – founder Cookie Heinz Gindullis – loves all of his projects. However, his favorite one is not in Berlin, but in Mbigili, Tanzania! For the last 13 years, together with his friend Thomas Steinle, they have been supporting the lives of the children’s village in Mbigili through their NPO CHARITY at [ ].

The village currently has 84 children that come from brutal conditions and disastrous backgrounds. With your support, Cookie and Thomas get them off the streets and help secure their future. Not only do the children receive the basic needs but also they get raised in a loving fear-free atmosphere with a family-like environment. In addition, they receive the best education available as well as the necessary tools to help them create a bright future in which they can succeed and choose the career path they desire.

Charity at [ ] changes children’s lives. After university, many graduates become successful chefs, carpenters, social workers, doctors, and lawyers. These students are pathing off the new future of the country.

These costs have more than doubled over the years. We have more children getting older in the village needing to attend private schools – for higher education – and later join a university. Costs of living have increased, in particular electricity and transport. Furthermore, we need to keep the farm going to continue providing a healthy meal plan for the children as well as attend to housing renovations before next year’s winter comes.


We have created an easy monthly plan for you. Long-term support allows us to plan ahead and make lasting improvements to the Children’s lives in Mbgili and the connected communities. We aim to provide livable conditions and a life-changing education for our children that creates a sustainable future for the whole community.

*All donations go 100% to the Mbigili children’s village.