Crackers & Team

Lerne die Crackers-Crew kennen, wo Leidenschaft für Essen, Gespür für Service und Liebe zum Design zum perfekten Rezept für unvergessliche Erlebnisse verschmelzen. Seitdem wir im November 2014 unsere Türen geöffnet haben, haben wir uns schnell zu einem beliebten Treffpunkt für alle entwickelt, die der Stadt entfliehen wollen. Unser Team, eine lebendige Mischung aus kulinarischen Experten, Service-Enthusiasten und Kreativen, ist das Erfolgsgeheimnis und hat uns einen Platz als trendige Oase in Berlin eingebracht. 

Unsere Küche ist ein Schmelztiegel der Innovation, in dem Köche mit unterschiedlichem Hintergrund ihre kulinarischen Träume zum Leben erwecken, immer mit einem Lächeln und einer Prise Spaß.

Unsere Service- und Barteams sind das Herzstück unseres Restaurants. Sie heißen jeden Gast mit offenen Armen willkommen und führen ihn durch einen Abend voller lässiger Raffinesse. Das alles vor einer Kulisse mit modernem Design, die dich in eine zeitlose Welt entführt, in der die Musik, die Stimmung und die Geschmäcker ineinander übergehen, um ein Erlebnis zu schaffen, das mehr ist als nur ein Restaurantbesuch - es geht darum, Erinnerungen zu schaffen. 

Komm ins Crackers und lass dich von uns auf eine Reise entführen, bei der jeder Bissen ein Abenteuer ist!

Cookie Heinz Gindullis

Cookie Heinz Gindullis ist mehr als nur ein Name; er ist ein Pionier in der Berliner Gastronomieszene.

Der Abenteuergeist des gebürtigen Londoners Cookie führte ihn 1992 im Alter von 17 Jahren nach Berlin. Er fing als Tellerwäscher an und machte sich schnell einen Namen, indem er in den unangesagten Nächten – dienstags und donnerstags einzigartige Partys veranstaltete und schließlich den legendären Cookies Club eröffnete. Einer seiner kühnsten Schachzüge war jedoch die Eröffnung von Cookies Cream, einem vegetarischen Fine-Dining-Restaurant in Berlin, lange bevor sich der Trend abzeichnete, und mit dem er seinen zukunftsweisenden Ansatz und sein Engagement für innovative Küche unter Beweis stellte. 

In 2014, he transformed Cookies Club into today’s trendy and atmospheric restaurant, Crackers. Recognized for his trailblazing contributions, Cookie was honoured with Berlin’s Meisterköche ‘Gastronomy Innovation’ award in November 2022. 

With his fingers always on the city’s gastronomic and nightlife pulse, Cookie stands as a testament to innovation, continuous growth, and a passion that keeps reinventing Berlin’s culinary narrative.

Patrick Ziegert

Patrick Ziegert: Mastering the Art of Flavour as Co-Head Chef

From the scenic locales of Freiburg to the bustling heart of Berlin, Patrick Ziegert’s path to the culinary world was as unexpected as it was destined. Originally setting his sights on nautical studies, Patrick soon realized that his true calling was in the sizzle and chop of the kitchen, not the ebb and flow of the sea. His culinary voyage began in earnest at Hamburg’s acclaimed Tiefenthal restaurant, where he sharpened his skills and cultivated a profound passion for gastronomy.

March 2020 marked a pivotal moment in Patrick’s career when he joined the CRACKERS family as a sous chef. Despite the tumultuous times brought on by the pandemic, Patrick’s steadfast dedication and remarkable talent did not go unnoticed, earning him the honor of “Sous Chef of the Year” by Rolling Pin magazine in 2021.

Now, sharing the helm with Felix Klawitter as Co-Head Chef since 2022, Patrick infuses every dish with his signature blend of freshness, subtlety, and uncompromising quality. With a palate attuned to delightful international influences, he expertly melds traditional cooking techniques with the finest, carefully selected natural ingredients. Under the joint guidance of Patrick and Felix, our menu is a testament to culinary innovation and a love for vibrant, flavor-rich dishes. At CRACKERS, a meal prepared by Patrick is not just food; it’s a journey—an adventure in taste that promises to be as exhilarating as it is satisfying. Join us to experience the culinary artistry that Patrick brings to every plate, complemented by Felix’s creative vision.



Felix Klawitter

Felix Klawitter: Global Flavours Maestro and Co-Head Chef at CRACKERS

Since rejoining our team in March 2022, Felix Klawitter has brought a rich tapestry of culinary experience to CRACKERS, underpinned by his successful three-year stint at Orania. His journey through the kitchens of esteemed venues like Hotel Adlon and Sra Bua by Tim Raue has honed his culinary style—a delicate balance of simplicity and sophistication, beautifully enriched with Asian and Latin American influences.

Now as Co-Head Chef alongside Patrick Ziegert, Felix plays an integral role not just in dish creation but in shaping the culinary ethos of our team. His approach to cuisine transforms each meal into a unique dining experience, weaving traditional techniques with bold, international flavors to create something truly extraordinary.

Within our kitchen, Felix’s leadership extends beyond cooking. He is pivotal in training and guiding our dedicated team, fostering a culture of culinary excellence that resonates through every aspect of our service. Working in tandem with Patrick, Felix helps orchestrate a menu that’s as dynamic and innovative as the city around us. Together, they ensure that each dish not only meets but exceeds the high standards our guests expect, making every plate served at CRACKERS a testament to culinary artistry. Join us to savor the creative energy and exquisite flavors that Felix brings to our table, making every visit a memorable journey of taste.


Meet Paul, our esteemed Restaurant Manager at CRACKERS

A familiar face in the CRACKERS family since 2022, originally hailing from Stuttgart, Paul made the exciting leap to Berlin to pursue a career in the world of hospitality, a decision that would change the course of his professional journey.

With over two years of dedication to our company, Paul’s story with CRACKERS is one of growth and commitment. His journey began as a host at Cookies Cream, and his passion for creating exceptional guest experiences soon led him to the role of Assistant Manager at CRACKERS.

Beyond his professional prowess, Paul is a true enthusiast of the Berlin nightlife scene, particularly a big fan of the legendary Cookies Club. When he’s not ensuring that every guest has a fabulous night at CRACKERS, you’ll often find him cruising around the city on his bike, exploring new culinary delights, and, of course, enjoying the vibrant nightlife Berlin has to offer.

With a unique blend of professionalism and charm, Paul is at the heart of making sure your dining experience at CRACKERS is nothing short of fabulous. Join us, and let Paul and our team create unforgettable memories for you.


Meet Lea, one of our two dedicated Assistant Managers here at CRACKERS.

Lea’s journey with our CRACKERS family spans over two years, making her a valued and cherished member of our team.

Hailing from Bavaria, specifically Lower Franconia, Lea’s journey brought her to Berlin with a passion for event management and a commitment to completing her business studies. Her path in hospitality was paved early on, as she had previously worked in the field during her studies in Bavaria. The joy of ensuring that people have a great time and her natural affinity for being around people led her to the dynamic world of hospitality.

At CRACKERS, what Lea cherishes most about her role is the fun and dynamic atmosphere that allows her to be part of creating remarkable experiences for our guests. And, of course, the camaraderie and spirit of the CRACKERS team play a significant role in her enjoyment of the job.

During her free time, Lea has a passion for exploring Berlin’s fantastic restaurant scene, gradually checking off the city’s culinary gems from her list. With her friendly demeanor, efficiency, and ever-present smile, Lea is an invaluable asset to our team. Join us at CRACKERS and let Lea and our team ensure your visit is filled with warmth, efficiency, and unforgettable moments.


Meet Chris, our remarkable Shift Manager at CRACKERS, who has been adding flavor and flair to our team for the past two years. 

Originally hailing from Bavaria, Chris is a psychology student by day and a hospitality hero by night. Chris’s journey in the world of hospitality ignited at the tender age of 16, and since then, he’s been captivated by the fast-paced and multifaceted nature of the industry. At CRACKERS, he found his second home, driven by the thrill of every unique evening and the unbeatable team dynamics that make it all feel like family.

What does Chris love most about his role at CRACKERS? It’s the ever-changing atmosphere, the incredible team, and the warmth that envelops the restaurant, making every guest feel right at home.

When he’s not charming guests at CRACKERS, Chris transforms into a culinary wizard in his own kitchen, whipping up delicious bakes and hosting unforgettable dinners for friends.

Swing by and let Chris regale you with his sassy humor and impeccable service. Who knows, you might even get a sneak peek into some of his cherished recipes!


Leo’s unparalleled attention to detail is the secret ingredient behind every exquisitely crafted cocktail he serves.

With every glass, he weaves intricate flavour profiles that dance on your palate, leaving you with an unforgettable taste sensation. But Leo brings more than just mixology expertise to the table; he’s also the heartbeat of our team, infusing every shift with boundless good vibes and infectious energy. Grazie mille, Leo, for keeping us stirred, shaken, and endlessly inspired!

When you visit CRACKERS, don’t forget to stop by the bar and say “hi” to Leo. Let him transport you to Rome with each sip of his expertly crafted cocktails, and allow him and his talented team to serve up some true Roman magic. Their passion, creativity, and dedication to the craft result in cocktails that are nothing short of liquid enchantment.

Leo and his team don’t just create cocktails; they craft experiences with creative stories that will intrigue even the most discerning of guests. Join us at CRACKERS and let Leo and his incredible team take your taste buds on a journey you won’t soon forget!


Introducing Fabio, our mixology maestro with Roman roots, now bringing his unrivaled skills to CRACKERS!

With an impressive 16 years of bartending experience under his belt, Fabio’s passion for tequila and mezcal is bound to take your taste buds on an exhilarating journey.

Straight from the heart of Rome to the vibrant streets of Berlin, Fabio is an integral part of our talented bar team, always striving to push the boundaries of mixology. With a penchant for crafting exceptional cocktails featuring tequila, mezcal, scotch, and a touch of bitterness, Fabio’s creations promise unique and unforgettable experiences with every sip.

If you’re feeling adventurous, Fabio enthusiastically recommends trying our ‘Rey Misterio’ and ‘American Dream’ from our exciting new menu. And for those who share his love for mezcal and tequila, you’re in for a treat, as Fabio is constantly concocting outstanding new recipes that are sure to delight your senses.

Join us at CRACKERS, where Fabio and our talented bar team are ready to surprise, delight, and ensure that your visit is filled with good times and unforgettable concoctions.