CRACKERS, owned by ‘Cookie’ Heinz Gindullis, is more than just a restaurant, it is an experience. Located in the heart of Mitte inside the former Cookies Club, CRACKERS offers an exceptional combination of food, drinks, and design in a cosy and sexy atmosphere. The entrance through a black iron door into a long corridor leads you to the kitchen of the restaurant. Once inside, the large room invites you to lose all track of time and space and stay until the early morning hours, just like back in the legendary Cookies Club.

Designed by architect Laura Rave and Jörg Schumann, CRACKERS’ interior is simple yet sophisticated, offering understated elegance. The high ceilings and low dimming lights create a relaxed atmosphere, while Berlin’s favourite DJs play live on weekends, creating an entertaining and relaxed atmosphere.

The kitchen led by chefs Patrick Ziegert and Felix Klawitter, offers a refreshing selection of vegan and vegetarian, as well as meat and fish dishes for every taste. The bar invites you to enjoy fantastic cocktails, from the good old classics to the famous Watermelon Man or Cookie’s Margarita, as well as a new and innovative seasonal cocktail range. 

CRACKERS is more than just a restaurant; it’s an escape from the outside world, where you can dine, drink, and enjoy the night away.


For the last twenty years we have been known for the club Cookies and our extravagant parties. From opening Cookies Cream, the first Michelin star vegetarian restaurant in Germany to turning the former hip nightclub into what is now the sexy Crackers restaurant  – offering a delicious high quality menu and well designed interiors. We jumped into the digital world with Cookies Show, while delivering the best of our kitchens to your doorstep. We are continuously creating innovative forms of international high class events, gastronomy and catering.

And it goes on and on: we are  growing and thriving in all directions. With our events enchanting all over Europe and through our charity at [ ] , supporting the children’s village Mbigili since 2009, we believe in good.

Our world should grow.  We are looking for the special people in Berlin who want to change the city, their tastes and their world with us. We burn with passion in the kitchen, in service, at events and in our hearts.


Our club times are over but the club is still at the heart of it all. When we closed Cookies we built Crackers in the same location and kept the ventilation with the capacity for 800 raving-sweating-dancing-people – this is where you dine now with max 100 people...
- 274 square meters
- 5.2 meters high ceilings (max. 5.9)
- 1.424 cubic meters of air
- Ventilation built for a club that exchanges the air completely