Crackers & Sustainability

For Cookies World, sustainability is about finding the right balance in how we do things, thinking about our impact on the environment and society. We are committed to taking responsibility for what we do, not just in our restaurants, but in everything we work on.

At Crackers, we maintain a conscientious approach toward the culinary impact we offer through our dishes. As part of this commitment, we have expanded our vegan menu section to 40%, complementing our vegetarian offerings and totaling 60%. This initiative aims to promote health, support sustainability, and advocate for animal welfare.

Our seasonal menus are meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from the offerings of our trusted suppliers, including vegetables and herbs directly from our farmer in Brandenburg, meat exclusively sourced from free-range farms and fish procured from wild catches or ecologically responsible aquacultures. 

Beyond serving food, we see ourselves as an integral part of a larger network that includes farmers, producers, and suppliers. They collaborate closely with us, also sharing their expertise and enthusiasm for quality food. Together, we’re constantly innovating to enhance the dining experience and promote sustainability. 

Meet some of our partners…

Veganuary is a non-profit organisation that encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. Throughout the year, Veganuary encourages and supports people and businesses alike to move to a plant-based diet as a way of protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering, and improving the health of millions of people.

Joining Veganuary, reflects our deep commitment to health, to the planet, and our animal friends. Veganuary has been a culinary catalyst for change, making waves in carbon emissions and animal welfare. 

Since 2023, we have supported Veganuary by offering a dedicated special menu throughout January. Furthermore, starting in 2024, we have extended our support to Veganuary’s year-round initiatives, such as Veganuary Fish Week, Veganuary BBQ and Plant Milk Week.

In addition to our classic wine offerings, we prioritize promoting sustainable practices among our suppliers.

Among our winemakers, some adhere to organic principles, meaning they abstain from using chemical pesticides or added preservatives. Others take it a step further with biodynamic methods, striving to establish a harmonious relationship between their work and the natural environment. Additionally, we feature natural wines made from organically-grown grapes, with no filtration or clarification, and no added preservatives or sugar.

We also focus on prioritizing shorter transportation routes, supporting small-scale wineries, and highlighting female wine producers to foster diversity within the industry.

Take a look at our partners…

Let’s talk about energy. We made a decision to power our restaurants with 100% green electricity and we are continuously striving to reduce our carbon footprint through a combination of innovative technologies and mindful practices.

These are some of the changes we made in 2018 and the results we got in 2023, when we could compare the numbers after the pandemic: 

  • Switched all the lights possible to LED > Electricity consumption went down in 12,5%
  • Modernised the ventilation system > District heating consumption went down in 14%.
  • Replaced kitchen bonnet > 50% of extracted air flow replaced by internally blown, unheated supply air.

We are not stopping there. We are continuously monitoring our electricity, including our devices consumption to identify areas for improvement. When it comes time to phase out devices, we pay close attention to their consumption data to ensure efficiency.

Our kitchen and bar are open to any ideas that support our commitment to sustainability. One of our key initiatives involves repurposing food leftovers and garnish scraps to create special syrups and cordials. These are carefully stored in reusable glass bottles, sealed with salvaged bottle caps to minimize waste. We also acquire a carbonation system to preserve our bottles for a longer period. 

Additionally, our kitchen uses various containers to segregate our waste, which is then collected weekly by our suppliers. This waste is pre-sorted, ensuring recyclable materials are processed accordingly, while the remainder is utilised for energy generation.

Specifically, we recycle cardboard and glass, while biodegradable waste undergoes fermentation. This process produces biogas, a form of green energy that serves as an alternative to conventional fossil fuels. Additionally, the digestate from this process is sanitised to be germ-free and then reused in agriculture as a natural fertiliser.

We believe that a happy team is a productive team, and we work hard to create a positive, fun and supportive environment. Open mindedness has been at the core of our company since the beginning, we are a diverse and international team that values unity and cooperation above all. 

We appreciate flexibility, that’s why we created the prep shift and the late shift so the people that can’t work in the night can come in the morning. We also intend to have more people working less than 5 days a week and we reward the ones who do their best with internal promotions.

Educating children in need stands as one of the most impactful endeavors we can undertake to create a better world. In 2008, Cookie and his friend Thomas-Marco Steinle started a project to support approximately 80 children from harsh backgrounds and difficult circumstances in a village in Mbigili, Tanzania. 

With the support of donors, these children are provided a safe haven away from the streets, ensuring their future is secure. Beyond meeting their basic needs, the children are nurtured in a loving and fear-free environment, akin to a family-like setting. They receive the best education and are equipped with the necessary tools to pursue their desired career paths thus fostering a bright and promising future.

Charity at [ ] changes children’s lives. After university, many graduates become successful chefs, carpenters, social workers, doctors, and lawyers. These students are pathing off the new future of the country. 

Every year, we gather at our annual Charity at [Cookies Cream] Gala Dinner, a night filled with generosity and community spirit.

For more information about  the project and donations, visit