Crackers & Partners

Our partners are more than just suppliers, they are colleagues and friends who have become an essential part of us. They may be local, seasonal, vegan, and innovative, and they all contribute a bit of their magic to make Crackers special. 

The products of Peter Janoth’s garden in Krielow have been part of our kitchens for a long time and he is considered one of our team members. Peter provides our restaurants with vegetables and herbs every year from March to October. 

He doesn’t just grow vegetables and herbs; he is interested in “the honest things” and only cultivates crops that he enjoys and finds fascinating. He constantly experiments and tries new things. 

Peter bravely tackles the supreme disciplines of growing tomatoes, cucumbers, salads, and wild herbs. Much like our chefs, he works with passion. His products stand out—they’re special, exotic and versatile.

Deutsche See is a family business committed to  contribute to a sustainable fishing industry. They are Germany’s largest fish company and have direct access to first-class raw materials with 100% traceable origins.

Thanks to its closed value chain from catch to plate, Deutsche See can ensure that all raw materials are produced in a resource-saving and environmentally friendly manner, as well as in a socially responsible way.

Deutsche See provides us meat from free range farms and fish from wild catch or strictly ecological aquacultures. Their commitment ensures that the products they provide are not only of superior quality but also align with ethical and sustainable standards.

Located in the heart of Kreuzberg, Markthalle Neun stands as one of the few surviving historical market halls from the 19th century. 

Its traditional weekly market features fresh vegetables and primarily seasonal food sourced from Berlin and Brandenburg. 

We source fair and organic, regional, and ecologically produced products, transitioning from the concept of small-scale offerings to our restaurants. 

Andraschko Kaffeemanufaktur, founded in 2006 by Willy and Elisabeth Andraschko, stems from a lifelong passion for coffee that began in their youth in Vienna. There, they developed a deep connection to the city’s renowned coffee houses. In 1979, they established the first Viennese coffee house in Berlin and have since been committed to using only the highest quality coffee. 

Andraschko specialises in producing small batches of high-quality, interesting coffee varieties, personally selected by the Andraschkos from farms in Brazil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sumatra, and Costa Rica. Direct trade and fair pricing form the foundation of their philosophy. 

Paper & Tea began eleven years ago when Jens de Gruyter decided to mix up the tea game in Germany. He’s been discovering rare teas around the world from wild-grown white tea to those hard-to-get Korean teas.

At Cookies World, we’ve wholeheartedly embraced the exquisite teas from Paper & Tea, serving them up at Cookies Cream, Crackers, and creating memorable moments via Cookies Events & Catering. 

Paper & Tea’s approach goes beyond just selling tea; it’s about creating a space for community, fostering mindfulness, and celebrating quality. This aligns seamlessly with our ethos at Cookies World, where we appreciate the importance of sustainable and responsible sourcing.